A Goddess of Hulaween — Magic in the Forest

Tony Krol
3 min readNov 8, 2022


I was invited in early October to paint a mural in the Mural Maze at Hulaween.

Hulaween is a music festival that takes place at The Spirit of Suwannee Music Park in late October, and the mural maze is an art installation around Spirit Lake that is open during the festival.

Suwannee River, Live Oak Florida

If you haven’t been to Hulaween or Suwannee Music Park, it is worth noting that this property was once inhabited by the Timucua natives. There is magical, peaceful, and transformative energy throughout the park. The festival staff and our mural maze team was amazing, such a great team of people all vibrating on the same high level. The Mural Maze has been a part of Hulaween since 2013.

The adventure began with setting up camp, and then meeting with the team and assembling the frames for the maze.

A few days after settling in, I had to finalize what I was going to paint for the project. Generally I go into mural project with an idea of what I will paint, this time I had a rough inspiration of a goddess holding a pyramid, but nothing really solid with details before I arrived to set up camp.

After a few days of running ideas around in my head and in a sketchbook, my partner Hannah had the suggestion of painting her mom who recently passed away in July. I didn’t get to really meet her mother Delia, so it was great to connect with her energy through this painting experience. Hannah helped with the painting also, it was only right to collaborate on this project and connect through the process since we were painting such a special person in her life. Below is an image of what we painted.

Illsol + Hanna Lorra Mural at the Mural Maze — Suwannee Hulaween
Hannah Lorra
Illsol + Hannah Lorra

The whole experience at Hulaween was magical, from camping in the woods for almost two weeks, meeting all of the other visual artists, and being able to see incredible musical acts perform in such a historical and unique venue.

I left the woods feeling incredibly grateful and renewed.

House of the Lost — Suwannee Hulaween



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