A Way Forward.

Tony Krol
6 min readDec 31, 2021


Happy new year. Go easy on yourself, and others.

Flickr: Free Hugs: Arup Malakar

We’ve all been through a lot. Lost loved ones to a global pandemic, changed jobs, learned how to work from home. Re-learned how to be entertained through social media apps and zoom. Tried to figure out cryptocurrency and what the heck Web 3.0 is… The list goes on, and things are changing every day.

We are creatures of habit, and one of those habits is putting pressure on ourselves during the holidays and for the new year. If there’s a resolution to make this year: it’s to slow down, relax, breathe, smell flowers, and connect with people a little more in real life (in the best way that you feel safe).

Life comes with enough pressure. When it begins, we enter the light and cry out of hunger and because we’re cold. Then we grow up in a world made up of labels and identifications created by our family — our schools, peers, and then workplaces. In our mind; each time we are told we aren’t good enough, popular enough, or made to feel like the incredible creatures we are; a neuron gets wired to remember those agreements we make with ourselves. This isn’t any of our own faults, but we blame ourselves. So right now, fuck all that. You’re loved.

Life seems like a never-ending popularity contest, but in reality, it is only made up of words that create a very long story that we can choose to rewrite at any point we realize we aren’t in love with it.

This new year, it’s time to let go. To realize that YOU are player one, and you get to choose how you feel. If there’s one thing to realize in the new year, it is that you get to love your life.

This new year is a time that we can all remember that life doesn’t need to be so rigid. We probably don’t need to hold tightly to labels like:

  • Republican
  • Democrat
  • Libertarian
  • Capitalist
  • Socialist
  • Occupational Roles
  • Countless Religious Labels

This time is a good moment to hold on loosely to any label we give ourselves that creates imaginary boundaries and borders and hinders our free will, we can think about letting those fade away into beautiful colors like a beach sunset.

We’ve been living in a divide and conquer world for quite some time, but in the age of Aquarius, we are definitely seeing a shift to unite and thrive, so we might as well start today.

Say hello to your neighbor. Take out their trash. Bring them dessert, a key lime pie, something. Let’s stop telling each other to stay off our lawn, it doesn’t even belong to us anyway.

Here are some labels that might be more helpful than are rooted in truth. We are simply alive, and according to science we are:

  • Light
  • Energy
  • Consciousness
  • Aware
  • Free
  • Creator
  • Artist

This new year: Remind yourself of these qualities.

If we all wake up each day and simply remind ourselves that we are alive and free to make choices, that might be enough to help us experience life as a co-creator of beauty, love, unity, and joy, rather than a program running on auto-pilot. So many of us are owned by addictions, bad habits, and past thoughts — give away anything back to the Universe that doesn’t put you in control of your own body and actions.

Choose battles that matter. In this new global world connected by the internet — there are some battles that aren’t going away any time soon. The physical world takes some time to catch up to the ether (light travels fast: 670,616,629 mph). We must remember to choose battles wisely and not exhaust ourselves and get overwhelmed. Keep our feet on the gas, but be careful to not run out of fuel. Let’s continue to fight for racial equality, and continue telling accurate history from multiple perspectives to expand human consciousness. Continue to eliminate bad policies that have been passed through time, but be careful to not burn ourselves out. Pray for discernment.

Get Creative, The Renaissance is Here

Our experience is one of creativity. The furniture we sit in, the cars we drive, the design of our neighborhoods, our entire existence is shaped by the history of creative minds — starting from the first human that used a pointy rock as a knife. It’s time to see things in a new way. How can we draw lines in a different way than they are right now? 2022 is a year of expanding our views, and breaking out of old boxes. It’s time to get creative. Pick up a pencil, take photos, share art, fall into the truth that we are all artists, and you are too.

A New Use for Social Media. Sharing Love and Support in 2022.

Many arguments still take place in the comment threads on so many platforms. We have global connectivity tools and we can probably use them to share more loving, inspiring, and unifying ideas, because these tools are very powerful.

It is very unlikely that we are all going to cut our ties with Silicon Valley giants any time soon, after all, this is written on Medium and shared on multiple other platforms. Social media: The comparison tool it is designed to be — both a wonderful blessing and a curse. As someone who operates in the space of the art world, there are many artists on social media who find social media accounts to become an internal comparison tool. This is a mind trick that keeps the platforms active because they cause FOMO.

  • Someone on your feed is traveling, you feel you’re missing out on their experience because you’re at work, you feel bad about yourself.
  • Someone just sold a 6.2 million dollar NFT, but you haven’t released one yet, or sold one for 0.00001 ETH, you feel bad about yourself.

These little internal thoughts can eat away at us, but the truth is…The decentralized web is here — and while that is telling many of us that we are being left behind, it is a good thing for our evolution (or it wouldn’t be happening). There are two sides to every coin, and there is always a silver lining if you look hard enough. It’s now time to embrace the idea that we are all connected, and each one of our actions influences someone else’s life and the planet. Let’s use these tools to our advantage to be a happier, more joyful species.

The next time someone on a social media feed is celebrating a win, a trip, or a breakthrough in technology that you may not understand just yet — just send love and support, and picture yourself in that same position if it helps. We are all mirrors to each other — gratitude and love bring abundance. Don’t worry so much about it, because evolution is always happening all around us, it’s pretty impersonal. Nature has always worked like that, sometimes we have to give up control and just enjoy the show.

This new year, take more time to go inside yourself, love yourself and others.

Play more. Have more fun without elaborate plans — frolic around a park, skip on the sidewalk, find a botanical garden, and have an impromptu photoshoot with your friends. Adapt a spiritual or meditation practice, or turn creating art into one. Do something crazy and spontaneous, it’s ok, really. Meet new people, hug more. Turn off the news. Make a small list of little things you can do to enjoy each moment, and find joy. Because that is what life is meant to be.

Watch your life like the movie it is. We are here for entertainment, and we should definitely be responsible — but don’t forget to have fun and think about the fact that each choice you make changes the world.

Joy to you friends. Peace, Love, and blessings this new year.



Tony Krol

Artist, muralist, and owner of Mergeculture Gallery in Tampa Florida. I write about connection between art and spirituality.