Basic Principles of Being a Better Person

FLICKR — “Something just isn’t right.” by Drew Anderson, used under CC BY / modified extra layer + words

Principle 1. You are not alone. All organisms want to escape pain and suffering.

When we do work on our minds, especially in mental health practice we say “You’re not alone.” This is to provide comfort that even though we might seem to be alone in a dark prison of the mind, others also experience suffering. The truth is, all organisms are also with you, every being moves away from pain and destruction.

Principle 2. Happiness is real. Get to know happiness.

(hint it’s not in matter, it’s in energy)

Big K.R.I.T on realizing infinite potential.

Principle 3. Understanding Negative Energy and Positive Energy

Everything is energy. Everything is made of atoms, atoms are mostly empty space, and they are “charged particles.” We know this because of science, and in our own thoughts, if we feel fatigued, we say to ourselves, “I need more energy.”

Principle 4: Understanding Emotional Energy — Love vs. Anger

If we go back to our friends the earthworm, the ant, the cockroach, and the bee, these creatures are balanced by harmony in nature, by intuition, and their evolutionary designs are refined for their purpose. They move with a higher understanding outside of a thinking mind. This is the energy of Love, and it is what keeps everything in balance in the Universe.

Realizing your true potential.

You are an amazing individual, and perfect the way you came into the world. Your environment, the family you were born into, and everything you experience is perfectly engineered for you to become the best version of yourself.

Principle 5. Becoming at peace with God, fully loving yourself.

Here’s where most people jump off this train.

Principle 6. Gravity. This is where it gets heavy.

If you’ve made it this far — time to do some work. This is hard work, very hard work. Loving yourself and the whole Universe isn’t easy, because it requires us to have trust in the future. (Faith). Gravity is a force. It is strong. It is very difficult to break through. Our thoughts have weight, and if they are attached to our body, they stay right with it at all times, right on Earth, right in this duality. They can exist in the past, and we can even live in the past. And remain as limited as what we can see and discover with our senses.

Principle 7. LOVE and Gratitude.

The law of attraction works on two basic principles. Love, and gratitude. If we can train our brains to be grateful for where we are at this moment, and this moment is a starting point filled with love, and gratitude — we are where we need to be. This is being in the present moment.

Principle 8. Time and Space.

We are always in the stillness of right now. We don’t realize this until we can shut off our thinking mind, and just be present — to shut off our mind, we need a spiritual practice.

Principle 9. Meditation.

The key to realizing your full potential is to stop thinking. Illuminated Masters call this, “a one pointed mind.”



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Tony Krol

Tony Krol

Artist and owner of Mergeculture Gallery in Tampa Florida.