God, Love, and Pride 🌈

Tony Krol
7 min readJul 3, 2023


The only thing that can save humanity from prejudice is spiritual work.

As Pride month concludes, I want to highlight key insights I’ve gathered about humanity in 2023 and the symbolism in our world that promotes understanding. These observations shed light on the reasons for differences and guide us towards embracing love without judgment. The current social climate reflects a contrasting range of reactions to Pride. For instance, numerous comment sections on Pride posts across various social media platforms exhibit diverse responses, many which are negative and unhelpful:

In the very first comment, an Instagram user expresses frustration that the city of Tampa, Florida, supposedly requires a “Jesus parade” as they associate Pride with “Sin.” This perspective reflects conditioned thinking influenced by their environment. It also presents a contradictory stance since we know from biblical teachings that Christ loved unconditionally, without judgment. Even for those who are not religious or do not believe in the existence of Christ, the story of Christ’s unconditional love is widely known. In Luke 23:34, it is stated, “Father, forgive them,” demonstrating Christ’s forgiveness and love towards those who crucified him.

In addition, there are many comments about “child grooming” and “God flooding the Earth because of Sin.”

The child grooming story comes from years of moral panic, and baseless conspiracy theories dating back since World War II — and “flooding the Earth” refers to Genesis, as God said:

Whenever I bring clouds over the earth and the rainbow appears in the clouds, I will remember my covenant between me and you and all living creatures of every kind. Never again will the waters become a flood to destroy all life. So God said to Noah, “This is the sign of the covenant I have established between me and all life on the earth.”

The passage from Genesis, which highlights the rainbow as a covenant between all living creatures and a promise of no further destruction of the Earth, is perplexing in relation to why some people associate LGBTQ+ Pride with sin. This association largely stems from Franklin Graham, the evangelist son of the late Billy Graham, who garnered mainstream media attention by deeming the rainbow flag offensive to Christians. His rationale is based on the notion that pride is synonymous with arrogance and leads to the downfall of humankind. However, it’s important to note that this is a metaphorical teaching in the Bible, as is often the case with spiritual scriptures. Furthermore, everything in the Bible is written from a personal perspective rather than a collective one, so for these passages to be used to criticize a group of people fighting for basic equal human rights is highly contradictory and hypocritical.

Humans’ adaptability sets us apart from all other animals. We lack innate skills at birth for optimal performance. Our environments shape our reality, enabling us to dominate Earth. Yet, this adaptability ingrains ideas we become so attached to, that it keeps us from rapid collective progress.

The world we inhabit is intricately designed to relieve us of the need to be predators. We now enjoy well-established systems that foster our evolution and ensure our safety, but breaking through the “us vs them” mentality remains a significant challenge in conditioned thinking. Our systems, particularly the two-party political system built on fabricated beliefs and vague values, contribute to this difficulty. Seeing past the fog to genuinely embrace those with different values becomes challenging. Unfortunately, violent reactions persist across the board, whether it’s regarding LGBTQ+ rights or BIPOC systemic reform.

Predatory behavior may be called racism or bigotry, but often the person lacks comprehension of these terms. Understanding anti-racism and anti-bigotry is essential to address these issues. To achieve this, we must transcend conditioned thinking, which requires spiritual work.

To foster acceptance and collaboration across different perspectives, empathy is crucial. Developing empathy requires learning non-attachment, a spiritual principle. Below is a video that explains non-attachment according to Patanjali, a sage that lived over 2000 years ago. The below video is an hour long, so these aren’t easy concepts to grasp — (but kudos to you if you actually watch it all the way through.)

What PRIDE is, why it exists, many people don’t know. A disheartening percent of the population thinks PRIDE is just a bunch of people celebrating who they have sex with — but it’s nothing like that at all. Narrow thinking and judgement is simply ignorant, the definition of ignorant means not knowing, or ignoring the truth — so below is an explaination of what PRIDE really is.


“Coming out took on a more political meaning after the 1969 Stonewall Rebellion, in which patrons of the Stonewall Inn in New York City fought back against a police raid. The rebellion included riots and a resistance that lasted for days. It was subsequently commemorated in an annual march known today as “gay pride.”

At the first Gay Liberation March in New York City in June 1970, one of the organizers stated that “we’ll never have the freedom and civil rights we deserve as human beings unless we stop hiding in closets and in the shelter of anonymity.”

In short, the reason that Pride exists is to bring awareness to a diverse group of people, who have been conditioned to be quiet about the where they find, or feel love in the world.

LGBTQ+ members of the world have been conditioned to keep the way they feel about themselves and others from their family members and communities because of the close-hearted reactions to ways that they express love.

Breaking Through Conditions

To break through conditions we need to recognize patterns, and symbolism in our outside world. This can be done with meditation.

Some facts about the Universe. Nothing from this universe actually comes from outside, it is a projection of what is inside each one of us because without “YOU” to perceive there would be nothing, literally NO THING — that is what the word nothing is. Because there is something (conciousness) there can’t be “no thing” — non-existence. And if there is consciousness there has to be a singular whole, broken up into many parts. And because there are many parts, and “you” are a part, “you” also must be part of the whole. So UNIVERSE is You-inverse meaning consciousness inside, but because our “eyes” see outword, it wouldn’t make sense to say “uinverse.” And spell check would certainly call you out.

Sanskrit, the oldest language which all languages and communication derived from the word for Universe is Viśhva (Sanskrit:विश्व), root विश् (“vish”) (to pervade or “to be” or if we want to use another word, “to exist”) means all-pervading or omnipresent. It is another name for Vishnu and also refers to the world, the universe. In literature, this word refers to the entire enchanted universe, or the WHOLE.

How we see:

Atoms, composing mostly empty space, interact with light to create the phenomenon of colors. Interestingly, the LGBTQ+ community can offer valuable lessons, reflecting the purpose of Earth as a love school where souls learn to love. Exploring the symbolism, we find that the adoption of the rainbow flag in the 1970s as a representation of “love is love” is not coincidental. It is also not coincidental that all of the colors in the visible light spectrum make up our existence “what we see, outwardly.” Further, all colors in the visible light spectrum correlate with the “chakra energy centers” in the body, which through the breath, move life force throughout our experiences and actions, reverberating through each element.

Love transcends heterosexuality and serves as an expansive force that binds the entire Universe together, driving evolution. This aligns with the visible light spectrum, which correlates with the frequencies of the chakra system, explained in ancient texts like the Vedas and the 108 Upanishads. Language, serving as the “word of God,” derives from a common source, with Sanskrit embodying the core frequencies and other languages incorporating variations. The spectrum consists of seven colors, mirroring the seven core chakras. The number seven holds significance throughout the Universe, appearing in music (A, B, C, D, E, F, G — or DO, RE, MI, FA, SO, LA, TI (if you’ve ever watched The Sound of Music, “That will bring us back to DO”), celestial bodies, and states of consciousness associated with each energy center. Emotions, both positive and negative, correspond to these centers, comprising the fundamental experiences of life. Attachment to the ego drives the expression of eight primal emotions rooted in our survival instinct.

Love, represented as pure white light, encompasses an open heart and the state of consciousness known as Christ Consciousness. To embrace love, we must connect with nature, love our neighbors, hug others, and nurture self-love (just to name a few examples of behaviors that embody true unconditional love.)

Seven Rainbow Colors and BLACK AND WHITE

Another truth about learning to love unconditionally, is to fall in love with the BLACK, or the Darkness. The seven chakra and visible light spectrum colors correlate with each energy center, but as you get past the throat “chakra” which is the Vishuddhi (Sanskrit: विशुद्धी), and represents space or Ether — this chakra is outwordly represented as the color black. Black creates depth perception and dimension. Without black, we wouldn’t have depth. (Think black hole, in which light cannot escape — that is just the representation of the color “black” in our universe.)

Choosing love for everything, (unconditional love) over anger allows us to perceive the truth beyond the illusions of the world, observing the ever-changing bending of light.

As an experiment, try open-eye meditation, focusing on a single dark spot while clearing your mind and concentrating on your breath. This practice reveals truths sought from the Universe, as colors, stars, and light sources manifest within that spot, transforming the perception of your surroundings. Light and dark are illusory, with the universe primarily consisting of light and the blackness is only the shadow backdrop to our existence.

Form arises from the frequencies at which the perceiver vibrates. Ultimately, love encompasses all aspects of existence, embodying the ultimate truth.

The very first step to actually experiencing any of these concepts is to stop hating on anyone for how “they” may see the world. Do you, and find acceptance and love inside your heart.

Blessings, friends. Thanks for reading.



Tony Krol

Artist, muralist, and owner of Mergeculture Gallery in Tampa Florida. I write about connection between art and spirituality.