The Summit — Standing on a Mountain with Bernie

Tony Krol
5 min readApr 25, 2020


We are all on a mountain on a very narrow path.

Where decency, love, compassion, hope, positivity — all lie at the summit, and this space is big enough for everyone. The air is clear up there, and the sun is radiant. The atmosphere is heavy where we stand, and the fog makes everything that much more challenging to comprehend because this path is not wide, not a single person can pass another. We stand where we stand, with peril on each side, and the only choice we have is to step forward.

We can all experience what we’re looking for, and we are so close, but right now — we are exhausted.

We are too exhausted to lift our feet or to look up. We are crying.

We’re exhausted because the leader who was guiding the way, is no longer in front. Something outside of his, and our control, has blocked him from leading us to this place.

Why even take another step? We didn’t ask to be in this place; it just seems this world grew around us, and we all found ourselves standing here.

Frustrated, ready to give up, we look around and take a breath. In the distance, we hear our leader. He’s yelling to those now in front. “Just don’t stand still!” “Keep moving forward.” “This isn’t convenient, but we only have one choice.” “Let’s go!”

The path, the fog, the cold, this is fucking hard. If any one of us falls off, there certainly is more grief, more pain, and more suffering.

We just don’t want any more of that. We’ve had enough.

But somehow, our leader is now slightly behind the front, and he’s calling the shots through a few others, who we don’t trust to move us forward. We’re confused because, on this narrow path, nobody could physically pass him — he’s also frustrated because somehow. This is a new reality.

We find ourselves standing here without some of our family and friends who have lost their lives. Our favorite celebrities are falling off of the sides, and each time, we just shake our heads, and cry. We are trying to take care of those around us, to keep them safe, and keep them from falling — but we are running out of resources, and ideas.

We are crying. We are hurt.

An exotic animal market introduced a virus that has changed the world, and an exotic animal documentary has just given us more narcissism to experience.

A candidate has worked his entire career fighting for minorities, farmers, and hard-working Americans, but is not going to be fighting for us as a whole, because his name won’t be on the ballot this November as the leader we identify with and want.

We are angry and sad about that.

We have states with closed primaries, where voters who label themselves as “independent,” don’t get to participate, even though that label stands for “freedom.”

We are angry, and sad because he was consistent about the issues he was standing for, every single time he stood in front of a podium.

We’re angry because he has exposed America’s flaws, and provided big solutions. Solutions that we need, right now.

The things that need to be fixed are for the well being of our survival. Because we know, real communities are not monasteries — we cannot have longevity as a whole society built on ideas that only benefit a few.

We can no longer live in a society where injustices based on basic human differences thrive. We don’t want that place any longer.

We’re angry because we don’t want to be bullied anymore, we don’t care about the loudest ego in the room any longer. We don’t want to hear about how things are bad without a real, positive solution. Tired, because it could be so much more simple.

Where is the leader of common decency? We want someone to be our voice.

We want someone to be on this journey, to help us to the top of this summit.

It feels like, someone just pushed off the leader. Because he’s not leading us now — but he is still there with us.

It should be more simple, as simple as lifting a foot, and moving it forward trying to reach that point of joy.

It seems further away now. But it really isn’t… Because that is how progress works.

We’re angry because we have never been closer to the summit, it’s closer than it has ever been, thanks to the one who has brought us this far, and our anger is out of fear that we won’t make it.

We didn’t create this reality, but we can only do the next thing within it. That is what we have to do. Just one step closer for the greatest, biggest picture we can think of. Make the best decision for all of us, everywhere. It’s not about one person, one ego — but it is about the whole and we are all taking this step together, now…

It’s ok to be angry, and ok to be sad — so many are. It’s ok to be non-complacent. It is ok to make noise, just please, don’t stand there and do nothing, because this path is narrow. We all need to move forward together, we are all in it together and there is suffering on both sides of the path. We all have to reach that place, and we don’t need to cause any more suffering and selfishness. We just need to accept that others have, and we have to fix their problems and mistakes, too. By moving forward.

This is, in fact, our reality. And it takes a personal sacrifice of your own ego, your own attachment to the idea that the injustices that have not been created by you, cannot be fixed by you alone.

You are a part of it, and the only way to protest the injustices are to go towards the common good. Because pushing people out of your path, or standing still, doesn’t get you to the summit, or anyone else. Causing any more suffering isn’t an option. This isn’t about the leader, or about you personally, it’s about everyone standing on this path together.

So, take the step that’s needed. Take the only step we can take. Because that is what is necessary.

Love, Peace, and Respect to all.



Tony Krol

Artist and owner of Mergeculture Gallery in Tampa Florida.