Acoustic Dreams — A Dream of an Art Collection

Artist Nico from Miami, FL — artwork on broken guitar displayed at the University of Tampa Ferman Center in August of 2021

“We have these guitars that are beyond repair… let’s have an art exhibit with them…” — GMF TEAM

When the Gasparilla Music Foundation, which is behind the Gasparilla Music Festival approached me earlier this year to curate an exhibit with broken guitars, I started immediately getting excited about the potential to do something impactful.

It’s comical that studies have be done to tell people what they already know — that art and music programs reduce crime and negative feelings. There doesn’t need to be a study to explain that people love to be entertained, people also really like to get gifts, and giving them… When your ears hear a musician, you’re receiving their gift through the senses — and when your eyes see a piece of artwork, you’re receiving their gift. These are simple things that make human’s feel good, so why do we even need to study it… just fund more art programs to make the world a better, more peaceful place!


As a curator, I absolutely fall in love with the process of the story that is told through artwork — visual art, performances, or otherwise.



The reason I’m explaining art curation, is because there are similarities within the roles we play in life and what makes a symphony work. A great curator is like a conductor of a symphony. It’s obvious if you switch some letters around curator and conductor aren’t too far off. Every single role we play is analogous to music, really. You’re either playing the conductor one day, or sitting in the percussion section the next keeping the beat, sometimes your the one just holding the triangle…Ding….Some days you’re unable to play because you just got in a car accident before the concert. This is life, and it’s all about how in tune we are through each experience we face.


What makes an instrument out of tune is the vibration of the instrument.

All life responds to music, because all sounds originate from the sound of OM.

In 1962, an Indian botanist conducted several experiments on music and plant growth. He found that certain plants grew an extra 20 percent in height when exposed to music, with a considerably greater growth in biomass. He found similar results for agricultural crops, such as peanuts, rice, and tobacco, when he played music through loudspeakers placed around the field.


Also, color has vibration as well, and as science points out, it’s all just a reflection. Objects don’t actually “have color” we only perceive color. The colors we see, and how they are arranged, affect how we feel. Visual art is an arrangement of colors with a conceptual purpose and intent — there’s a lot of energy put into it.

Did you know your surroundings may be influencing your emotions and state of mind? Do you ever notice that certain places especially irritate you? Or that certain places are especially relaxing and calming? Well, there’s a good chance that the colors in those spaces are playing a part.

- Color Psychology: The Emotional Effects of Colors

Color has vibration, or to put it truthfully, we perceive colors because of the subtraction of pure white light, based on an objects’ vibration that causes it to reflect.

“Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. This is not philosophy. This is physics.”

- Albert Einstein

Come Together Now.

The correlation between light and sound, and shifting vibrations isn’t coincidental — For this exhibit, I couldn’t help but see a perfect group of artists to resurrect items so out of tune and broken. As the pieces were all set up in the exhibit, seeing all of these broken guitars that can’t be used by performing artists anymore… it was analogous to the idea that anyone can have a fresh start at any time.

The western Pueblo, Native American cultures located in the southwestern United States, include Hopi, Zuni, Tewa Village (on the Hopi Reservation).
The western Pueblo, Native American cultures located in the southwestern United States, include Hopi, Zuni, Tewa Village — excerpt from
Daniel Borojas “R5” Borojas, guitar and painting for Acoustic Dreams sitting at the center of his piece, at the University of Tampa Ferman Center for the Arts
Artist Hoxxoh, Miami, FL — This piece was made with a swinging pendulum.
Noah Deledda, Tampa, FL — makes art out of geometric dented cans.
Artist: Remote, Miami, Florida
Nate Dee — Miami, FL
Brian Butler, Miami Florida
Ashley Cantero, Tampa Florida
Chad Mize, Tampa Florida
Chris Preston, Tampa Florida
Conrad Garner, Tampa Florida
Cory Robinson, Tampa, FL
Emiliano Settacasi, Tampa Florida
Fotoset, Tampa Florida
Ron S., Tampa Florida
Ryan Lagasse, Tampa Florida
Scumrag, Tampa Florida
Sleepyyuzu, Tampa Florida
Surge, Miami Florida
Tammy Archer, Tampa Florida



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Tony Krol

Tony Krol

Artist and owner of Mergeculture Gallery in Tampa Florida.